50 Photoshop Actions to Spice Up Your Creativity in No Time

Being a web designer/artist, I’m always in search of new tips and tricks of the trade because these little things can help you on a bigger scale, and save you a lot of labor. As you don’t get distracted by small details and you can focus more on your ideas and creativity. So, today I’ve brought something, which is really a time saver and inspirational. Yes guys I’m talking about Photoshop actions, great way to jump start on your creative project. I’ve collected 50 amazing Photoshop actions and effects to help you achieve your goal way before your deadline. These all are absolutely free so, have a look and select your favorite.

Photoshop Action 15

Photoshop action author: Miss-etikate

Magical effect 4.2

Magical effect 4.2


Photoshop Action: Foliage

Photoshop Action: Foliage author: Davidnanchin

action 008

action 008 author: ModernActions


Polaroid GENERATOR V2 author: Rawimage

Blue action


FearlessAction author: MyRockers

Actions: “Retro-Vintage”

Actions: "Retro-Vintage" author: Rocketlaunch

Photoshop Color Actions 2

sa-cool actions 2.08 colors

sa-cool actions 2.08 colors author: `sa-cool

Photo Coloring 11.2

Photo Coloring 11.2 author: iconmaker91

Black and White Actions

Black and White Actions author: `night-fate

Black white sepia PS action

Action 30

Photoshop Action: Diabolic

Photoshop Action: Diabolic author: Davidnanchin

Dazzle Effects 4

Cross-Processing ATN

Cross-Processing ATN author: Mutato-nomine

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions author: `manicho

PS Action 12

PS Action 12 author: ~Liinh

Wedding Theme Action

Wedding Theme Action author: ver00nika

Ps Action 2

Ps Action 2 author: ~Gimme-M0re

Photoshop Action Set o1

Photoshop Action Set o1 author: lustdrunk

Hard light action PS

Photoshop Action: Regressive Noise

Photoshop Action: Regressive N author: Davidnanchin

Black And White

Black And White author: Jean31

Action 010.

Action 010. author: petronila31

action 056 “TEETH WHITENING”

author: ModernActions

Action set 07

Dazzle Effects 3

Dazzle Effects

Photoshop Action: Coffee

Photoshop Action: Coffee author: Davidnanchin

Thinking of you action

Photoshop Action 25

Photoshop Action 25 author: saturn-rings

Simple Action

ColdKiss 1 PS Action

LT’s Raspberry Ripple Action

author: *Lady-Tori

Photoshop actions – 7

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1 author: w1zzy

Photoshop Action ver.2

Photoshop Action ver.2 author: ~gokhanbartu

i-Dark 3.03

i-Dark 3.03 author: `sa-cool

Stick it action

Stick it action author: loljfk03

set 28

set 28 author: TheYummyOne

Portrait Action

Portrait Action author: provity

Action 01

Action 01 author: AlexEdg


RedLipsAction author: Demsloppez

Peace and Love Action

Peace and Love Action author: OhSoNelena

Vintage Effect Ps Actions

Old Photo Action

Old Photo Action author: shagagraf

Action Breathe

Action Breathe author: ~catitabieber


LITH PRINT ACTION author: rawimage


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