Amazing 3D Art Representing Greek and Roman Mythology

In ancient times, mythology had an enormous impact on people’s lives, beliefs and behavior. Almost each culture of the world had at one point in time their own myths and legends, but among the most famous ones are the characters built up in Greek and Roman mythologies. These fascinating stories about gods and super-natural heroes, dragons, unicorns, fairies, giants and mermaids took place in a primordial era and influenced in a more or less powerful manner the evolution of the modern world. There’s no better way to illustrate the heroes and gods of the ancient times than by the 3D art of some great talents from the digital world. This showcase brings 50 of the best such illustrations and opens a door to the stunning world of past mythology.

Inuyasha and Shikon No Tama

Inuyasha and Shikon No Tama author:bastblack

Diana of Delo

Diana of Delo author:ken1171


Boulderdash author:pascalblanche



Thor God of Thunder

Thor God of Thunder author:SeedyDeedee

The Frostgiants Daughter

The Frostgiants Daughter author:Erulian


Forest Spirits – Centaur

Forest Spirits - Centaur author:patslash

Poseidon – Greek God

Poseidon - Greek God author:isikol

Zeus – Greek God

Zeus - Greek God author:isikol


Remembering You

Northern Light: Hel

Northern Light: Hel author:Erulian


Urendir author:korstemplar

Halls of The Kraken

Halls of The Kraken author:TomSegal

Persephone’s New Pet


Wendigo author:goor

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy author:7Sins7



Hope author:7Sins7

Sapphire Enlil

Sapphire Enlil author:korstemplar

Hercules vs Hydra


Rumil author:korstemplar

Encounter In The Sands

Encounter In The Sands author:korstemplar

Sir Percival, The Chaste

Sir Percival, The Chaste author:korstemplar

Escape From Orthanc

Escape From Orthanc author:korstemplar

Dusk Patrol

Dusk Patrol author:korstemplar

Dragon Prince

Dragon Prince author:korstemplar

Prince of Persia: Prince & Kaileena

Prince of Persia: Prince & Kaileena author:Ado

The Keeper of that Passageway

Shri Ram

Shri Ram author:leoartz

In the Jungle

In the Jungle author:Minerva2001

Da Boss

Da Boss author:korstemplar

Onyx Enlil

Onyx Enlil author:korstemplar

Hermes – close up

Hermes - close up author:Luddox


The Faun Close Up

The Faun Close Up author:Nightwoodwolf

The Stare Down

The Stare Down author:Rainy-Day-INC

Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals author:MaRoC68

Zeus Fights the Titans

Zeus Fights the Titans author:Luddox

Rebirth Of The Sun



Medusa author:Trish2


Demeter author:radiositysg

The Princess and the Unicorn

The Princess and the Unicorn author:Elfdaughter

Unicorn Rider

Unicorn Rider author:WildAbout


Unicorn author:chanandra

Dragon Tamer

Pandora’s Curiosity


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8 Responses:

  1. R4 says:

    Some of those are amazingly life-life! Although I must say others look hastily put together.

    ( 2 years and 3086 days ago )
  2. Hermitbiker says:

    …. a fantastic collection of amazing 3D art representing Greek and Roman Mythology…. awesome !!

    ( 2 years and 3082 days ago )
  3. free photoshop tutorials says:

    fantastic is an understatement, i love these artworks, i use photoshop my self and cannot even comprehend how much time and talent it takes to create these images,,,great work to the artist and thanks for letting me comment 🙂 check out some of my work also, thanks

    ( 2 years and 3081 days ago )
  4. psadmin says:

    some of these images are really cool

    ( 2 years and 3078 days ago )
  5. Beu says:

    You managed to collect some of the ugliest 3d rendered images I’ve ever seen.
    They look like they got rendered in 1995.
    Purely hideous work by unsensitive geeks.

    ( 2 years and 3075 days ago )
  6. peter says:

    very impressive

    ( 2 years and 3073 days ago )
  7. ARC says:

    Amaya is the best. Followed by Hope
    Others are just weird. One of them is atonomically wrong.

    ( 2 years and 3067 days ago )
  8. kishore says:

    3d illustrations so nice exclent work

    ( 2 years and 2091 days ago )