The Street of Differences - created by wlado

The Street of Differences
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Enjoy! =) (5 years and 2161 days ago)

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Abandoned - created by wlado

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Well, here it is =)
The original shot is not very inspiring, but I hope I managed to get the best out of it. =)
Check out the High-Res and SBS! =) (5 years and 2156 days ago)

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Sunshine Ruin - created by wlado

Sunshine Ruin
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OK, I haven't prepared a SBS, but the techniques I used are easy to explain, so:
1. duplicated the layer, tweaked brightness and contrast, and left the windows only. Then radial zoom blur at the top right corner of the image, and I got the rays effect by putting the layer to Linear Dodge (Add).
2. Tweaked Brightness, contrast a bit, did a little burning and dodging at some places etc.
3. Just some final touches like sharpening and colour filter.
And done! Not very hard to do if you have the idea, but nice, you must admit. =) (5 years and 2154 days ago)

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Love Nuts ;) - created by wlado

Love Nuts ;)
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Just two nuts in love hanging out and holding hands..... :D
I used only the source.
Hope you like it! =) (5 years and 2110 days ago)

Wlado - created by wlado

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I made this one quite some time ago, just for fun, and it just felt great for this contest. =)

So, what I did:
1. Create the 3d 'wlado' model in 3ds max and textured it [altered the textures in PS before that]
2. Imported into photoshop, added the background sky
3. Did some burning, dodgeing, contrast, and other tweaking.
4. Add the clouds around (brushes)
5. Flattened the image and added warming photo filter.

And that's it, hope you like it =) (5 years and 2089 days ago)

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