A Work in Progress: Abandoned

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light creation

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First I made the light rays. Did that by duplicating the background layer, deleteing everything around the windows, then I tweaked contrast and brightness and added motion blur to get the effect. later I did some minor alterations on them. =)

Creation of Abandoned  : Step 1

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Since the original image had light coming from the other side to, I pained over some shadows. It's a new layer, mode on 'darken', around 75% transparency. This is what the layer looks like, tho later I added more some shadows too.

Creation of Abandoned  : Step 2

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Some more alterations to the light rays, added more shadows, and also the shadow of chandelier (in the rays). Some places burned some dodged etc etc.

Creation of Abandoned  : Step 3

step 4 of 5

Some final touches like sharpness and the dust. Dust is a black layer with noise put on lighten (or was it overlay...?), and erased the unwanted places.

Creation of Abandoned  : Step 4

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And that's it! Then I made some variations with various cooling filters, warming filters, underwater filters etc etc, and eventually decided to use the warming filter (a yellowish-orange colour). Hope you like! =)

Creation of Abandoned  : Step 5

Final result

Creation of Abandoned  : Final Result

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