Friendly Gossip - created by wildwings

Friendly Gossip
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"Uh-huh..she only spins alpaca wool..."

(5 years and 2877 days ago)

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Came Straight to Me I tell You - created by wildwings

Came Straight to Me I tell You
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I was wondering how to net the darn thing... (5 years and 2887 days ago)

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Medieval Spa - created by wildwings

Medieval Spa
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"Welcome...the spa 'therapist' will see you now."

A bit of dark humor.

The castle photo is one that I took during my travels. (5 years and 2872 days ago)

Snail Upgrade - created by wildwings

Snail Upgrade
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From slow to dead slow! A 'slothy' affair.

Designed with Adobe Photoshop Elements V.7 (5 years and 2901 days ago)

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A Knight's Dream - created by wildwings

A Knights Dream
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Dreaming of a knight's kingdom.

Only source image was used. (5 years and 2869 days ago)

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