A Work in Progress: Medieval Spa

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Medieval Spa
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Original image

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Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements V.7

I scanned my own travel photo of a section of a castle.

Creation of Medieval Spa: Step 1

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Using the eraser, i worked on the door to make it appear to be slightly opened. Then, I started to add the farm instruments one by one.

Creation of Medieval Spa: Step 2

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Using different sizes of brushes, I sketched, freehand, a rough idea of the spa 'therapist.'

Creation of Medieval Spa: Step 3

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I started working on details of the spa "therapist' and added more tools. Eraser, dodge and burn tools were used frequently.

Creation of Medieval Spa: Step 4

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Finnally, I added a lantern glow to the interior of the chamber. For effect, I used a dark red color (low opacity) to show blood. I cropped parts of the photo to add impact to the door and the figure.

"The 'spa' is always busy.
Come on in!"

Creation of Medieval Spa: Step 5

Final result

Creation of Medieval Spa: Final Result

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