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Changing Ages - created by kayaklovergirl

Changing Ages
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i thought it would be cool to try and make the man seem younger and the woman seem older tell me what you think...

SBS: patch brush tool for the man's wrinkles and the woman's mole I also blurred some stuff and changed the saturation of her lips, for the beard I used someone else's beard and changed the hue and saturation to match his eyebrows, I also liquified the new beard so it would fit his old one, then I removed his glasses after two hours!!!!
I would also like to thank Novembemistake for the picture of the old lady I used (5 years and 2893 days ago)

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avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

I think it needs more work if you were going for making graps look younger. All you did was take away his wrinkles around the cheeks, eyes and forehead but he still looks like grandpa. The white beard doesn't say young. All you did to the woman was give her a moll. Keep working on it. I'll come back and vote later.

author says:

so how do you think i should change his beard? i tried nothing worked thanx

avatar kekskruemel

i think it would help, if you try to remove his beard or change the color of the beard.

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

I don't think you've really managed the effect, I suggest changing the bear colour and trying to add some hair, maybe remove the glasses as well. For the woman you could draw your own wrinkles using another image as reference with the dodge and burn tools.

avatar refleksi
refleksi says:

what is that on her cheek?

author says:

thank you all for your help with this picture, I hope you like it!!!!

no avatar

nice work author , i like your image. the only thing i could suggest to improve the hair/beard for future entries is not to make the edges so straight. If you look at hair your own hair you can see where the shaft connects to the skin . good example is if you look at granpa's closely you will see where hair connects to skin. the corners of your MOE should hang down over the beard. Please take this as just a little feedback and is ment to help. GL

author says:

thank you scratzilla1, for your feedback, it was very useful

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Medieval Spa - created by wildwings

Medieval Spa
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"Welcome...the spa 'therapist' will see you now."

A bit of dark humor.

The castle photo is one that I took during my travels. (5 years and 2920 days ago)

avatar gitsadr
gitsadr says:

very dark hehe GL

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Oh no thanks... I think, I'll stay outside Funny idea! Good luck

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

cute idea but some parts are very blurry and some parts are way too detailed.

author says:

Lenaina, I am with you on that! I'll stay outside too.

author says:

k5683 thanks. That's what happens when you work freehand on the monitor. I don't use a graphic tablet either. I am saving for a Wacom. Hopefully it will save me from pulling any more hair out of my scalp. He, he, he...

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