Silly Mr Potato Head - created by tinkerbell91

Silly Mr Potato Head
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Feel terrible about submitting a 90% completed entry but i really wanted to enter this one despite being short on time! It's far from the flawless result i was aiming for but i underestimated the skill required to do what i wanted a little bit but that's good because it challenged me even more. Comments for improvements are welcomed, but i don't have any personal time to edit so therefore this is as final as i can get. (5 years and 1640 days ago)

Oh Dear - created by tinkerbell91

Oh Dear
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... (5 years and 2128 days ago)

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Ooops - created by tinkerbell91

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This entry isn't as good as my idea, but that's just down to my lack of talent!

I'm also pretending the liquid in the glass as milk as appossed to wine as it didn't turn out like wine lol

Please comment with your thoughts/suggestions if you have furthermore critisism other than my own.

Hope you like it :)

P.S i appologise the the poor SBS i forgot to save along the way and flattened the final image (5 years and 2722 days ago)

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pxl statue - created by tinkerbell91

pxl statue
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not the strongest cloner in the world however, i attempted to edit the existing stutes into a variation of the pxl eyes logo.

no outside sources where used for this entry

hope you like please comment/vote (5 years and 2703 days ago)

Fancy a kiss boys? - created by tinkerbell91

Fancy a kiss boys?
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i created this image imspired by an amazing tutorial i seen although my version is not as flawless im quite happy with the result, the hair is supposed to be the way it is just to add a sort of surreal, fantasy ish effect :) hope you like

CREDITS: to "COI-stock" for the red lips used and also "Katanaz-Stock" for the model

"As of 28th of July 08, you now have permission to use our stock OUTSIDE of DeviantART!! This is brilliant news, and I\'m sure many of you agree as in the past we\'d sadly turned down hundreds of requests.\"

please vote/comment
(5 years and 2676 days ago)

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