Guardian Angel - created by telmafrancione

Guardian Angel
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I thank all the guardian angel that own the stocks I've used.

Model: Sinned-angel-stock
Forest: Eirian-stock
Rock Path: eyewish-stock
Water Lilli 1: kmstock
Water Lilli 2: staciabennett
Fern 1: Smack Babe
Fern 2: Garr1971
Unicorn: Shoofly-Stock
Wings: MaureenOlder (5 years and 1489 days ago)

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Untamed - created by telmafrancione

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Thanks to the stocks:

Model: Faestock
Horse: Chunga-Stock
Wings: AlzirrSwanheartStock
Beach: midnightstouchSTOCK
Sky: night-fate-stock (5 years and 1488 days ago)

5 Sources:

Jessica Rabbit - created by telmafrancione

Jessica Rabbit
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I thank all the sources:

(5 years and 1455 days ago)

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Valkyrie - created by telmafrancione

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Thanks to the stocks:
cyborgsuzystock and


(5 years and 1454 days ago)

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Fallen - created by telmafrancione

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I thank Marcus Ranum, Night Fate and Alzir, for the stocks proper credit in the links below. (5 years and 1474 days ago)

3 Sources:

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