Wobble-E - created by spaceranger

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This little guy is supposed to be hard at work repairing the rocket nozzles but he's always distracted by his curiosity about living creatures much to the annoyance of his supervisor who just can't understand the wacky worker bot. (5 years and 558 days ago)

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Wish Gremlin - created by spaceranger

Wish Gremlin
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The Goblin Troll captured a rare Wish Gremlin, now he can have anything he wishes for. New Clothes, snazzy shoes and even a new home. What's even better, now he has a friend to keep him company which was all he really wanted.

Wood Texture from CG Textures http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=4658&PHPSESSID=6u8gmv9r6g4onibktdqls48pm4 (5 years and 621 days ago)

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Beer Wagon - created by spaceranger

Beer Wagon
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I've always loved old fashioned hot rods. Now instead of chopping cars for real (as we used to call it) I do my chopping with Photoshop. (5 years and 636 days ago)

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Aerodrome City - created by spaceranger

Aerodrome City
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Transportation and recreational flying all at one city... at the top of the world. (5 years and 592 days ago)

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Dandelion Hill - created by spaceranger

Dandelion Hill
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Louie Lemon takes a walk with his main squeeze, Loretta Lime, on a warm summer day. (5 years and 727 days ago)

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