Insect war - created by samanway

Insect war
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mantis vs rhino beetle -hope you enjoy .
check SBS for how I made it !
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Alien attack - created by samanway

Alien attack
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I was having fun with PS and thought of sharing :P
Hope u like it
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Underwater Force - created by samanway

Underwater Force
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Chinese translation of the tattoo is 'Game' :P

Hope you enjoy this like the same way I enjoy yours :)


ALSO:Credit goes to the stock provides for helping me completing this ! (5 years and 1934 days ago)

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The little Green Dragon - created by samanway

The little Green Dragon
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ABOUT THE CHARACTER :You can call it Green dragon or Garden dragon because of it's green color . These are found mainly of trees eating fruits ,these are non venomous and non harmful also its not a baby dragon but its mature with small size but its better to keep distance because it's sharp nails could be painful ! thats all about the character !

ELEMENTS IN THE PICTURE: Soft rain , Soft Sunlight, soft shadows and color ! :)

It's a complete digital painting
excluding the background so hope you enjoy this :)

Special thanks to the stock provider who helped me Finishing this !

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Steam Bots....... - created by samanway

Steam Bots.......
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About the Image :Thats a steam factory at the background and those guys in black are not ghosts,they are steam factory workers and the main 2 bots are in the front .

The left bot is giving a ring that he made it from his bottom of his heart for his.........(u know)

I am so tired now .....cant type..
so stock credits goes .......
for helping me creating this....
INFO: you may not spot the gage but its there on the chest of the BOt.

(5 years and 1940 days ago)

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