Jelly Venus de Milo - created by rcscruff

Jelly Venus de Milo
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The Jelly Venus de Milo is the most coveted of all the jelly candies.

This was made using the source for color sampling of highlights and shadows. Then airbrushing the venus by hand using the photo as an underlay. Lots of masks and smooth selection tools were used to get that glossy effect. (5 years and 2013 days ago)

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Haunting Beauty - created by rcscruff

Haunting Beauty
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All original source and photoshop (5 years and 1937 days ago)

The Tied Tower of Strandhill - created by rcscruff

The Tied Tower of Strandhill
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Much like the Tower of Pisa this structure's most obvious defect is part of it's charm.

Created using primarily just cut, paste, and warp tools on the original source and then dropped in a new background.

p.s. This is my first submission to
Yeah! =) (5 years and 2014 days ago)

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Approach to Planet Dunkin - created by rcscruff

Approach to Planet Dunkin
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It's time for a coffee break in the Cruller System.

[pilot] Ground Control, I'm low on caffeinated fuel, requesting permission to begin descent.

[tower] Affirmative, plot course using vector 338, you are cleared for approach.

-- Other fun fact, the ring around the planet is a Möbius Strip.

Wireframe on heads-up-display modeled using Pro-E.
All rendered in PhotoShop. See SBS...
No external sources used. All originally created. (5 years and 1990 days ago)

in flight - created by rcscruff

in flight
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abstract art using source image only (5 years and 1934 days ago)

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