Butterfly Effect - created by orientallad

Butterfly Effect
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Who Makes Wars!? - created by orientallad

Who Makes Wars!?
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I was going to name this work as (Before the Battle) because my first inspiration made me draw the face stressed out, but i wanted to use the source image in more than just texturing, so i decided to make that evil character which imposed upon me changing the name, there were few options those related to wars and can match my entry, so i picked this one because this evil character represents war makers.

I spent hours and hours painting this to get the original concept i was thinking about, some flaws must be made during the painting process, therefore feed back is appreciated.

Many thanks to silegl69 from sxc.hu for his permission on the statue photo.

Edit: Further modifications have been done. (5 years and 1638 days ago)

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Time of The Immigration - created by orientallad

Time of The Immigration
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Immigration is a natural instinct in animals and humans equally! animals do immigrate in a specific time every year! I made this image to depict a rhino starts off their immigration journey using this imaginary bridge in order to reach their destination. The clock stands for the arrival of the immigration season!

I started off making this entry last night after I suddenly had the inspiration and I never expected I would finish it very soon, therefore I’m very happy that it’s really on the site! as I’m happy also for how it turned out ^^
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Chamengler - created by orientallad

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You have seen Chameleon and you have seen Anglerfish, but you never seen Chamengler, briefly let me introduce my new pet :D

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orientallass - created by orientallad

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Three days of persistent work, i'm about to pass out, the only thing that keeps me conscious is the way this piece turned out, i hope you guys like it. (5 years and 1202 days ago)

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