Say Cheese - created by nemanja

Say Cheese
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This is my resubmission to the mo(u)ose on the loose... It was removed from contest because i googled the image... it was my first entry... so this is the new one, or the same one, with legal source of the mouse that was created by carlohh... lol (5 years and 2638 days ago)

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Once upon a time... - created by nemanja

Once upon a time...
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Once upon a time there was this country, and it had the ultimate power over the whole world... And there for they had their own money... Looked something like this. :) lol

No external images, just source.

Edit: Added texture. (5 years and 2330 days ago)

Sorry Abe... - created by nemanja

Sorry Abe...
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Abe had to suffer... Because of the perspective... Nothing personal... ;) Lol. :D

Cut, paste, clone, smudge, little this, little that and so on... BAsic stuff...

I know it is kinda simple, but I just couldn't resist... :)

Abe, sorry once again. ;)

Special thanx (from me,sure not from Abe, Abe must be cursing him from the other world for allowing me to use this picture) to jmtwid. :) (5 years and 2327 days ago)

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I came for you... - created by nemanja

I came for you...
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I'll take you away...
To a happy place...
Cause i don't know you...
But I know your pain...

Thanks to onthegogo for the flower.
(5 years and 2330 days ago)

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The Silent Coconut - created by nemanja

The Silent Coconut
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This Coconut wants to say something... But it remains silent...

credit to RJohn for the coconut. thx (5 years and 2631 days ago)

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