House in the field. - created by lydyth

House in the field.
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First time I have done an entry in a very long time.

VERY rusty but I really enjoyed doing it :)

Blended together parts from different pictures mainly making use of selection tools, eraser (to blend), burn/dodge (for shadows).

The house is deliberately off perspective its supposed to be a bit whacky, I used the perspective transform tool to mess it up a bit.

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Thanks to
ohinsanity (5 years and 1723 days ago)

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You old dog :) - created by lydyth

You old dog :)
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Ok this is the dog dressed up. Thanks to mokra on for source image.

(5 years and 1989 days ago)

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A new field - created by lydyth

A new field
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Simple submission.. and my very first since the new site. The source image is my own taken at the bottom of the lane on the farm where I am i will show on sbs.

*edit* please note the sky is from the source image, I have been asked to link but its from the original contest image and is photoshopped in.

Thank you :) (5 years and 2178 days ago)

Id rather a bowl.... - created by lydyth

Id rather a bowl....
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OK so this is a very simple entry but it's what i had in mind anyway :)

Source image only.

Feedback appreciated, thank you (5 years and 2038 days ago)

She looks Quacking - created by lydyth

She looks Quacking
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Ok I hope i dont get slated for this chop hmm. I just wanted to do something with the eyes and built on it from there.

Thanks to:
Bijouux (nose ring)
Tasa (earring)
& for eyelash brushes (5 years and 1968 days ago)

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