Unknown Alien Fly - created by derwish

Unknown Alien Fly
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I'm a sci-fi fan, so here's my version of this picture. The frame is made by me.

Edit: more alieny fly :P

credits for the tech brushes goes to:
http://z-design.deviantart.com/ (5 years and 2219 days ago)

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Lion + Zebra = Zebon - created by derwish

Lion + Zebra = Zebon
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Made from a lion and a zebra.
Added some extra colors as well.

Edit: Impoved a bit (5 years and 2222 days ago)

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Cow to heaven! - created by derwish

Cow to heaven!
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What happens with the soul of a cow?
thx to:
neadeau for the cow
Mattox for the sky
PStrijards for the other cow (5 years and 2218 days ago)

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