people - created by dante

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simple people idea, but i liked the image

thanks to jpaulocv for the sunset pic

the people are from 123rf
please see SBS for download proof (5 years and 1215 days ago)

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ENVY - created by dante

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Envy was punished in Dante's purgatorio by sewing the eyes of the envious shut with wire.

Thanks to VacantHaze and Shiskababe (5 years and 1428 days ago)

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Something Original? - created by dante

Something Original?
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no offense intended, but if CMYK46 did not comment that would be original....

All done with renders from MAYA (5 years and 2124 days ago)

Yoda Kelly split!!!! - created by dante

Yoda Kelly split!!!!
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An article I found showing the cracks appearing in the galaxy's most famous couple.

see hi res for text (5 years and 2133 days ago)

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under my skin - created by dante

under my skin
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credit and thanks to wakenthedead for the pic (5 years and 1488 days ago)

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