Sad Rose - created by burtzomega

Sad Rose
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Fantasy Image - created by burtzomega

Fantasy Image
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All sources are from a tutorial from Photoshop Top Secret. They do not have any URLs.
The sources are:
-oil towers
-the other towers
Again, they do not have URLs. (5 years and 2422 days ago)

Reborn - created by burtzomega

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I changed my entry.

Thank you Felixdeon.
Thank you fl8us. (5 years and 2417 days ago)

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Born of a Terminator - created by burtzomega

Born of a Terminator
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Credit to Selficide-Stock!

Thank you! (5 years and 2419 days ago)

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Melting rocket - created by burtzomega

Melting rocket
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