sleep, my darling... - created by bddesign

sleep, my darling...
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she sleeps for eternity...

feel free to download for wallpaper... its 1920X1200 resolution... :)

corrected stock links so that you people who dont understand how to navigate Deviant Art, can go there... but then if you cannot navigate deviant art, then your obviously not a member, therefore you wont be able to view the images, cause they are nude... anyway, they are there... (5 years and 2606 days ago)

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Bassnectar - created by bddesign

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EDIT: added liquid gold pollen dust to the petals and speaker edge for an added effect.

check out videos of bassnectar's music/live sets in the sources links... please watch the 'highly recommend watching' links... they really show what bassnectar is all about and what kind of raw energy you find at a bassnectar show.. hot s***!

song in the video is bassnectar's track "here we go"... please check out the video... if you like electronic music, but are unfamiliar with bassnectar, then i promise you wont be disappointed.

bass so sweet, its like nectar... woot! 1 man show, bassnectar is a dubstep producer with some of the most massive tracks in the underground electronic music scene today... (5 years and 1974 days ago)

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Mr. Apple Happy Face - created by bddesign

Mr. Apple Happy Face
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Isn't Mr. Apple Happy Face having a great day today! i think so. or he was until now. unfortunately, he died on the day this picture was taken back in 1964. :(

EDIT: added reflection in knife, glare on knife, and reflection of the light itself coming off the knife, also made some color adjustments to make it more 'retro' looking, as well as some nearly un-noticeable tweaks. enjoy! (5 years and 2650 days ago)

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Moderat-Rusty Nails - created by bddesign

Moderat-Rusty Nails
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pretty much the image represents this

on shaky ground- the canyon- the ground splitting,

where we collide- holding the one you love

rusty nails- falling from the sky to the feet that they walk on

so we will try, or ill touch the sky- the intense sky in the background, lightning, and the rain unites them as one.

we'll stay alone, just passin' by- they will stay by each others side no matter how tough the times are. the storm as a metaphor of the triumph in the relationship that they live. the sunshine behind them is the hope that things will be better.

the lyrics as i heard them (there are no lyrics online):

like a broken speech
you took me on shaky ground
and don't tell me
and it feels like were walking on rusty nails
but the pain is not well

where we collide
and down is the only way out
cause how to ???
i tried to refocus on anything
but the strain inside

so we'll try, or ill touch the sky
we'll stay alone, just passin' by
but you took it away
you took it away

check out the music video at:

ENJOY! (5 years and 2652 days ago)

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Charlie - created by bddesign

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He IS an odd one, dont you say? (5 years and 2638 days ago)

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