Golgotha (The Hill of Skulls) - created by baumillerkyle

Golgotha (The Hill of Skulls)
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A picture tooken from the base of golgatha (the place where Jesus was crucified. Made with brushes, Alien Eye candy, Dream suit, and the source crosses. (5 years and 1478 days ago)

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Marble Heaven - created by baumillerkyle

Marble Heaven
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I wanted to make something that is a little differant. Hope you guys like it. (5 years and 1476 days ago)

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On The Hunt - created by baumillerkyle

On The Hunt
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A picture of a deer being hunted back when life was easy and the pictures came right out of the camera... I just put all the main focus of all the stock pictures together. I had to do a little work on the door to make it look broken. I used dremsuit plugin to turn it into a old photo. (5 years and 1490 days ago)

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R.I.P - created by baumillerkyle

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On a little adventure in the cemetary at night time. Used the sources mentioned. The lights are custom. (5 years and 1477 days ago)

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