The Strawberry Giraffe - created by Tuckinator

The Strawberry Giraffe
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Just for fun! (5 years and 1976 days ago)

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The Chained Hand - created by Tuckinator

The Chained Hand
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The smoke brushes are under a creative commons lisense and are usable.

extra sources: (Thanks to Cgtextures) (5 years and 1985 days ago)

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The Statue - created by Tuckinator

The Statue
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(5 years and 1982 days ago)

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New Breed - created by Tuckinator

New Breed
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(5 years and 1943 days ago)

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Floating Bench - created by Tuckinator

Floating Bench
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You never know what kind of surrealism can come out of some pictures. (5 years and 1951 days ago)

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