Mascot's Mistress - created by TheRealPhotoshopGirl

Mascots Mistress
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Made from parts of the sketch just flipped, transformed, copied, paste, etc... (5 years and 2060 days ago)

Venice Butterflies - created by TheRealPhotoshopGirl

Venice Butterflies
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I took the mask and manipulated it in different ways, using transform and liquify. (5 years and 2061 days ago)

Say Hello To My Little Friend - created by TheRealPhotoshopGirl

Say Hello To My Little Friend
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(Made completely from scratch...WAY harder than I thought it would be) All done with the pad on my laptop!

I know, I know, the texture is horrible but I was just messing around with filters I havent used...I am not redoing it because it took to long to paint out and I didnt save the PSD even though I should have. Sorry peeps. (5 years and 2061 days ago)

Blood Bath - created by TheRealPhotoshopGirl

Blood Bath
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SBS will be posted asap.
No outside sources were used.

Still a work in progress...Open to suggestions. Thanks! (5 years and 2056 days ago)

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