Not easy for the doc - created by Savitha

Not easy for the doc
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clone stampstool
text tool
rectangle marquee
pen and paper for conversion to binary (5 years and 1880 days ago)

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terrakota pot - created by Savitha

terrakota pot
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Changed the source using pen tool & warp tool to get the complete pot shape.Then filled with colour.Used the source to get shadow. Drew most of the shapes with pen and filled color with brush. Also some shape tools too. Worked with layer groups. (5 years and 1873 days ago)

Strange Planets - created by Savitha

Strange Planets
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Just used the clone source tool and the distort filter to create the planets. Gave finishing touches with brushes. The yellow ring was done completely with brushes again. Finally added some stars. hope i've done some good work. (5 years and 1753 days ago)

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paper boat - created by Savitha

paper boat
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First used the distort-wave filter to get the water effect. After selecting each part of the wave with polygonal lasso filled with it with different colors. The used the texturize filter.I also cut out some flowers images and placed on each selection. The made a copy of the layer and used the distort-wave filter. Roated it to 180 and scaled it a bit.Thats it. (5 years and 1892 days ago)

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walking back to India - created by Savitha

walking back to India
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Layer mask, selection tools, clone stamp tool.I mage adjustment with hue, saturation. (5 years and 1873 days ago)

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