The lamppost - created by Majo

The lamppost
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This is entirely made from the source image. (5 years and 1379 days ago)

A loving memory - created by Majo

A loving memory
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I selected the dog's head and lengthened it, prepared it (glowing edge 9, 12, 5.) and placed it in a sky (simple gradient) Blending mode on dog layer: Luminosity, 62% opacity. On separate layers I created the stars with Photoshop brushes and an outer glow.
I drew and painted the eye from a sketch, using a variety of bushes etc. On a separate layer I placed the selection of the dog, reduced to fit in the eye. I drew the tear (pen tool) and used: to highlight both it and the eye. They were placed on the canvas. I blended the eye in using a soft eraser then duplicated it using different blending modes for each layer. Lower layer screen 43%; top layer luminosity 100%.
Again on a separate layer I made hills (pen tool/inner glow). At the very end I added some veins and shading on the eye (burn tool).
A lot of trial and error took place during the whole process!
(5 years and 1427 days ago)

The race - created by Majo

The race
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(5 years and 1370 days ago)

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Insomnia! - created by Majo

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Bright ideas often come at night! (5 years and 1398 days ago)

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I should have used factor 50! - created by Majo

I should have used factor 50!
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(5 years and 1413 days ago)

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