Just jump! - created by Ariana4Ever

Just jump!
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He waited for the longest time to be rescued before he decided it was the only way to get out, as long as he could get himself to jump...

So, I cropped the diver, the stack of stones and the foam at the base and put them together on the water picture. Blended using filters and flattened the layer. (5 years and 2033 days ago)

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Balance - created by Ariana4Ever

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Just another challenge for a skilled skateboarder.
I used content-aware fill to enlarge the background while I shrunk the pile of stones. Placed the skateboarder on top and blended. (5 years and 2033 days ago)

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Just me & my cupcake - created by Ariana4Ever

Just me & my cupcake
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The world fades away as she can only think about the yummy cupcake.

I changed the canvas size and filled it using the content-aware option. I replaced the orange with the cupcake and added the hand to the picture. I blend it using different filters and merged the layer. (5 years and 2033 days ago)

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Flooded Forest - created by Ariana4Ever

Flooded Forest
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The old forest was flooded and it's now infested with giant fishes. (5 years and 2035 days ago)

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Playground - created by Ariana4Ever

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I cropped the doll and basket, placed them on the picture of kinds. I warped the basket, I multiplied the doll to fill the basket and then blended it all. I chose the Poster Edges filter because i like the way it looks like a cartoon. At the end I increased the saturation to make the effect more dramatic. (5 years and 2025 days ago)

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