driving through the rain - created by lobusdexter

driving through the rain
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(5 years and 2569 days ago)

boat and puppet - created by lobusdexter

boat and puppet
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maybe you like this better :-) (5 years and 2571 days ago)

Ballett Kid - created by lobusdexter

Ballett Kid
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This pic was taken with my beloved Minolta Dynax 500si, bw Film, ISO 1600. It was around 1996 backstage of a performance night at the ballett school.
I only adjusted the levels.
(5 years and 2554 days ago)

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Olympic Park - created by lobusdexter

Olympic Park
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Minolta Dynax 500si, ISO 50

Only level adjustment (5 years and 2554 days ago)

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Cricket - created by lobusdexter

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I was fascinated by this special little creature I could observe so closely. It is intriguing how tiny it is, how different an insect's life is to ours.
It is one thing to read about a grasshopper on wikipedia, but another to feel the tiny steps on your skin and watch the feelers move when it tries to understand the world around it. (5 years and 2554 days ago)

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