Symmetry in Nature - created by jeaniblog

Symmetry in Nature
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(5 years and 1080 days ago)

Findhorn - created by jeaniblog

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A lonely walk along the breakwater (5 years and 1509 days ago)

Bandstand - created by jeaniblog

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The Wallace Bandstand on a misty evening in Nairn (5 years and 1293 days ago)

Autumn Reflections - created by jeaniblog

Autumn Reflections
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(5 years and 1333 days ago)

The Sun Sets over Pxleyes - created by jeaniblog

The Sun Sets over Pxleyes
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  • Camera model: Canon PowerShot G10
  • Aperture: f/3.2
  • ISO: 200

Farewell Pxleyes, it was nice knowing you.. (5 years and 536 days ago)

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