Unsure - created by jcvogt2016

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A young bison roams the fields of Yellowstone National Park (5 years and 1508 days ago)

Aged - created by jcvogt2016

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A lone tree stands on a cliff (5 years and 1526 days ago)

Border Patrol - created by jcvogt2016

Border Patrol
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A Broad-Tailed Hummingbird tries to protect it's territory from the Rufous Hummingbird. The Rufous is well known for chasing other hummingbirds out of their "property". They soon take over the land for their own. (5 years and 1525 days ago)

Busy As a Bee - created by jcvogt2016

Busy As a Bee
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A macro of a bee (5 years and 1526 days ago)

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Rise Above - created by jcvogt2016

Rise Above
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A flower rising and blooming before the rest. (5 years and 1526 days ago)

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