time lapse_4b6be4ed83113 - created by ewald

time lapse_4b6be4ed83113
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8 second exposure. (5 years and 1595 days ago)

water_4b7580969971e - created by ewald

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(5 years and 1588 days ago)

scary nature_4b26a819afbf8 - created by ewald

scary nature_4b26a819afbf8
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program: manual
exposure: 8 sec
aperture: 2.8
ISO: 64

Not sure why I got that amazing color, because I took other images with the same settings and those are not even close to this one. (5 years and 1647 days ago)

soft and rough_4b2924e26ec2b - created by ewald

soft and rough_4b2924e26ec2b
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(5 years and 1646 days ago)

Zipper - created by ewald

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(5 years and 1615 days ago)

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