through my sunglasses - created by estate23

through my sunglasses
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(5 years and 2562 days ago)

canang - created by estate23

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canang is a tribute for God in balinese tradition ,
i took the picture when i just get into my classroom , and its messed up on my desk -_-
phone camera , i know its not maximal , i dont have those awsum camera. money money :( (5 years and 2396 days ago)

red off paper - created by estate23

red off paper
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spontaneous shot , while doing task Balinese Language :p (5 years and 2396 days ago)

book connector - created by estate23

book connector
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is that called connector? O_O idk what it should be called (5 years and 2044 days ago)

shoeongreensand - created by estate23

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