Moon through telescope - created by dinomario10

Moon through telescope
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Beautiful Moon (5 years and 1704 days ago)

Little Rockies - created by dinomario10

Little Rockies
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These are Little Rockies. (5 years and 1691 days ago)

L - The Door Handle - created by dinomario10

L - The Door Handle
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I took a picture of my door handle, it looks like an L.

And yes, I know you can see the reflection... :D (5 years and 1699 days ago)

B l u r r y - created by dinomario10

B l u r r y
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It was too sharp for my eyes so I needed to defocus :) (5 years and 1684 days ago)

When a note is played... - created by dinomario10

When a note is played...
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What does a note become when it gets played?

If this is not the best angle, I have another picture from the top. (5 years and 1690 days ago)

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