Light Bulb Smoke - created by Ory

Light Bulb Smoke
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(5 years and 1660 days ago)

Sun Soaked - created by Ory

Sun Soaked
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(5 years and 1463 days ago)

How the dice roll - created by Ory

How the dice roll
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(5 years and 1145 days ago)

Electric Lighting - created by Ory

Electric Lighting
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(5 years and 1427 days ago)

Sweep - created by Ory

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Using a 2.5sec exposure I gently threw my camera up in a spinning motion in-front of my computer monitor. The monitor was the only light source in the room at the time.

It created this cool kinetic image so I thought I'd kick off this contest. (5 years and 1654 days ago)

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