Steampunk Me - created by Mark_Keenan

Steampunk Me
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I have a fascination with steampunk and have a collection of goggles and masks and thought I would take a close up shot of me wearing one.M (5 years and 680 days ago)

The Singer - created by Mark_Keenan

The Singer
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(5 years and 667 days ago)

Grandpas Pocket Watch - created by Mark_Keenan

Grandpas Pocket Watch
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This pocket watch belonged to my grandpa, and I always loved it as a child. When he passed, it passed on to me. More than anything this photo represents the time we spent together. That, to me, is beautiful. (5 years and 695 days ago)

Gemma's Eye - created by Mark_Keenan

Gemmas Eye
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A close up of Gemma's eye as she looks to the side. (5 years and 696 days ago)

Alex - created by Mark_Keenan

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Fashion shoot with Alex in a mask, taken with Lensbaby. - Replacing different shot. (5 years and 652 days ago)

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