Flower bud - created by LewisBroadbent

Flower bud
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I used a reversed lens at 40mm with an aperture of f/7.1 (5 years and 1370 days ago)

Popping balloon - created by LewisBroadbent

Popping balloon
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A balloon popping because of a dart (5 years and 1398 days ago)

Water on grass - created by LewisBroadbent

Water on grass
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17 images stacked with photoshop.

Taken with a reversed lens at 24mm and f/6.3 (5 years and 1370 days ago)

Flower through water - created by LewisBroadbent

Flower through water
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A flower refracted through a waterdrop on a blade of grass. (5 years and 1365 days ago)

Bacterium - created by LewisBroadbent

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A simple shot of some milk that looks like a bacterium. (5 years and 1399 days ago)

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