Brave Fisherman - created by Lelaina

Brave Fisherman
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These shots were taken in Turkey. The waves were crushing against the rock he was standing on, but he just stood there with all the patience and calmness in the world. (5 years and 1142 days ago)

Dark clouds above the Lady - created by Lelaina

Dark clouds above the Lady
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This is the top part of the Antwerp cathedral, which is also called "Cathedral of our Lady".

51.21931,4.4015 (5 years and 1620 days ago)

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It's how you look at it... - created by Lelaina

Its how you look at it...
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This entry made me almost loose my mind. In case anyone wonders, how it was done, it's pretty simple: I opened the PXL logo on my computer screen and mirrored it. The harder part was to hold the camera without a tripod in the tiny little right angle, so I get the whole reflection on it, without any letters missing. I took around 1000 pictures, to get in the end 3 shots that were halfway acceptable.
I know, that this one could have been better too, but I am happy with it anyway. Mainly just because I didn't give up after the first 500 ;) (5 years and 1999 days ago)

Zippedizip - created by Lelaina

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The zipper of the sleeve of my husbands leather jacket. (5 years and 1444 days ago)

The old question... - created by Lelaina

The old question...
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For a little background story look at the SBS ;) (5 years and 1433 days ago)

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