Bolt - created by Derivatix

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this bolt definetely hit something, it's as close as you can get. :)

Picture taken just last night. (5 years and 946 days ago)

I can, too! (moo) - created by Derivatix

I can, too! (moo)
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Wool is great, but how about milk?

the chop in the upper right corner is one of my favorites, Author mymy, it won the Childrens Song Contest.

(5 years and 939 days ago)

Nice hand - created by Derivatix

Nice hand
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close up of a great starting hand in the game of poker. (5 years and 1273 days ago)

green beauty - created by Derivatix

green beauty
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(5 years and 1492 days ago)

I wish I was sailing away... - created by Derivatix

I wish I was sailing away...
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Sailboat leaving the harbor of Rhodes.

Please have a look at the high res, thank you! (5 years and 984 days ago)

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