From the Window - created by Arlo

From the Window
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Taken from my bathroom window.. (5 years and 747 days ago)

Arlo and Colton - created by Arlo

Arlo and Colton
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My Grandson Colton and Cairn Terrier, Arlo...looking out at snow as the evening comes (5 years and 648 days ago)

2-1-11 - created by Arlo

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Aftermath of ice storm taken from the front porch (5 years and 737 days ago)

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Peaches - created by Arlo

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Looking out at the dawn (5 years and 647 days ago)

Illinois Sunset.. - created by Arlo

Illinois Sunset..
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Taken 6.21.2011


from my front porch

used Canon Powershot A560 (5 years and 791 days ago)

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