Bluster - created by pingenvy

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The blowing hair on the man is part of the background. This is a re-submit, as I used bevel-emboss in the leaves and branches on first draft. (5 years and 1048 days ago)

Let Us Prey - created by pingenvy

Let Us Prey
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Photo references are mine. (5 years and 1062 days ago)

"Socrates stated....." - created by pingenvy

"Socrates stated....."
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The perspective isn't perfect here, but the stone masons had one hell of a time. (5 years and 1676 days ago)

Standing Tall - created by pingenvy

Standing Tall
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This painting took a very long time. I was unhappy with the lower portion at one point because it detracted from the composition, so I changed it from shear cliff to a more gradual grassy slope with some rocks. There is no reference but memory and imagination. The sky was built from many many layers of cerulean blue and white variations glazed over one another. (5 years and 2046 days ago)

Tribute to Dio - created by pingenvy

Tribute to Dio
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There are two sources here, and a deviation in the SBS, because part way in I realized I didn't have the pose I wanted. For the late great Ronnie James Dio, 1942-2010. (5 years and 1043 days ago)

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