English Countryside - created by Seymour

English Countryside
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Typcal countryside, sheep grazing and hedgerows

edit: re worked with extra shadow and shading to give a bit more texture. (5 years and 2395 days ago)

Has it stopped raining - created by Seymour

Has it stopped raining
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My coloured pencil drawing of an ogre laid onto my photo of Gelt Wood in Cumbria (5 years and 2466 days ago)

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Pachydermii spidyflorus - created by Seymour

Pachydermii spidyflorus
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Or elephantspider plant. The spiderflower need to be "Whooshed " with air to spread it's pollen, so it's developed a trunk to suck air and blow it onto the flower. (5 years and 2388 days ago)

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