Snowflake Brissar - created by Ory

Snowflake Brissar
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Entirely from scratch using Photoshop CS3. More details in the SBS (5 years and 2355 days ago)

Icey Blue - created by Ory

Icey Blue
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Generated in photoshop CS3 (5 years and 2355 days ago)

Hulllooo - created by Ory

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(5 years and 1959 days ago)

On Stage - created by Ory

On Stage
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This is my first drawing attempt in a long time and I was never that good so go easy on me, constructive criticism is welcome and requested.
I've never been someone who can draw but I am hoping that to an extent it is something that you don't have to be born with but can learn to be really good at. (5 years and 1962 days ago)

Wolfs - created by Ory

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I would have liked to do more on this, but with the deadline coming up I am afraid this will be as far as it goes for now. (5 years and 2243 days ago)

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