Just so sad... - created by Nysoe

Just so sad...
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I hate it when my people dress me up... Give me a carrot! XD (5 years and 1904 days ago)

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My Pretty Site - created by Nysoe

My Pretty Site
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(5 years and 2232 days ago)

Mjølner (Mjoelner) - created by Nysoe

Mjølner (Mjoelner)
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The mighty Thunder God Thor son of Odin has a hammer called Mjølner. It's magical and always return to him.
In the background is the tree of life, Yggdrasil, that's where Asgard is and Valhal home of the Gods. In front is seen the rainbow Bifrost, the bridge from Midgard to Asgard. With Himmelbjerget (mountain of heaven) where Heimdall lives. He keeps watch so that no giants comes over the bridge. (5 years and 2232 days ago)

The Universe - created by Nysoe

The Universe
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I have used a cheap writing pencil for this one :) (5 years and 2227 days ago)

Swan Hat - created by Nysoe

Swan Hat
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(5 years and 2202 days ago)

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