Halloween Mandala - created by GolemAura

Halloween Mandala
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happy Halloween (5 years and 2565 days ago)

A Cry - created by GolemAura

A Cry
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#2 pencil and eraser on plain white paper.. used finger to smudge and blend

(I have a brand new scanner and it kept automatically fixing the image, it took me about 3 tries to finally turn off all the enhancements and set the scan to BITMAP so it would look like just the drawing.. (it even added burns and shading but I finally went on line and figured out how to shut the auto stuff off :) ) (5 years and 2603 days ago)

Double Silly - created by GolemAura

Double Silly
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Drawn with sharpie marker losing it's ink... once the basic image was done, and the outer shading, I opened a BRAND NEW black sharpie marker and soaked it into the the definition lines.

Used yellow sharpie to shade thick.. red and blue gel pens for shading and color.

I scanned the finished image (after the ink dried) and then flipped it and scanned it where the ink soaked through the paper and set them up together...

this is a scan of the same exact picture twice.. both sides (5 years and 2603 days ago)

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