Bmw Aircraft engine - created by dan1307

Bmw Aircraft engine
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A 12 piston Bmw aircraft engine (5 years and 362 days ago)

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pretty useful - created by dan1307

pretty useful
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(5 years and 278 days ago)

Hotel building - created by dan1307

Hotel building
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A school project 4* Hotel (5 years and 67 days ago)

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minolta HI - MATIC G - created by dan1307

minolta HI - MATIC G
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An old photo camera i found somewhere in the house... (5 years and 370 days ago)

The sun is disturbing me - created by dan1307

The sun is disturbing me
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any of you have a sun-screen problem? I believe that the big step in future will be the moment when we can work on virtual models, modeling it just with our hands manipulating in any form we want (5 years and 352 days ago)

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