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It is not a 100 per cent the same room because I don't like our living room that much. So I add things which is I like in my mind.. It did take time believe me 'cause the program Autodesk Maya 3D. Difficult veryyy difficult.. (5 years and 2264 days ago)

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Space Jingle Bells - created by Maya3D

Space Jingle Bells
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Maya 3D (5 years and 2277 days ago)

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Cutalien - created by Maya3D

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Autodesk Maya 2009 (5 years and 2258 days ago)

Creation - created by Maya3D

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Autodesk Maya (5 years and 2259 days ago)

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woodnitor - created by Maya3D

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I don't have pics of SBS. All I have these renders. Next time I will put SBS. Thanks.

I used Maya 3D program for this...

(5 years and 2279 days ago)

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