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Checkmate - Fallen King - created by Plastic

Checkmate - Fallen King
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Made completely from scratch. The model was made in 3ds Max. Used the lathe modifier on the king's shape, nothing advances, you can find countless tutorials about how to do this. For lighting I used a b&w HDR image. (5 years and 2751 days ago)

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Widiar says:

I'm repeating myself here.. but 90% of the pictures need a proper background.. and this is one of them. Make a nice, clean and colorful chessboard and this will look so much better. You can also show your skills with the board.The piece itself is very clean and nicely done.

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Widiar says:

(Well, any kind of background. Be it a table, a satin cushion, some clothing or anything else..)

author says:

I'm satisfied about my background. As the contest moderator said it should look like a real macro shot. I used a "digital white box" for my background just like a photograph may do it.

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Widiar says:

Well, I'm assuming it's a glass texture and it would look a lot better with something showing through. But anyways, the piece itself is very good work, solid and clean.

avatar r1k3r
r1k3r says:

Nice image, would like to see an SBS. Did you have the caustics turned on? Which render engine did you use? vray, scanline, or mentalray? Did you use any fill lights to enhance the HDR image? I do like this, I just wish you could expand on your explanation with an SBS.

author says:

I didn't use any renders in 3ds Max. Normally I Would use Mental Ray but for this clean untextured scene I used KeyShot 2 with a custom build shader.

avatar Warlock
Warlock [banned] says:

Nice modeling, do feel that the background is lacking contrast.

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Checkmate - created by WhiteRabbit

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Chess pieces created using Cinema 4D. (5 years and 2843 days ago)

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Amazing work and great rendering

avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:

wonderful work , awesome design

avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

nice work -- sort of a punk chess piece -- like the avatar by the way was a great magazine

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Looks really great, nice one.

avatar Govindrathod

Amazing creativity....Great job done...Lighting, reflection and the way one of the king fallen is shown.....everything is beautiful....GL...

author says:

Thank you all for the feedback. : ) I just found the Pxleyes community recently and think it's really awesome for artists. I'm so glad to be a part of it.

avatar Srgldnhair

I'm your biggest fan!

avatar derdevil
derdevil says:


avatar dinomario10

AMAZING!!! I love it!!!!

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looks like black pawn has fallen for its opponent... good wrk...

avatar kakarot
kakarot says:

Very good

avatar vinshine
vinshine says:

Great.. Neat Good luck

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bmoore10 says:

this is pretty simplistic, but the materials, model, and camera angle of the pieces makes it brilliant..love it!

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

Love this, it is so different. Great work and good luck. this goes into my favs.

avatar rasellia
rasellia says:

great entry! gl

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Wow!! Great job......Good Luck Author.

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congrats for 4th place...

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