A Work in Progress: Checkmate

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First I started with an oil tank shape. I made it editable and added some extruded parts to it.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 1

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Next step I proceeded to add a cylinder shape, along with beveled edges to smooth it out. I then added a cone shaped array to create the spikes.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 2

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For the next step I created another oil tank shape, and used a Boole object to cut holes into it.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 3

step 4 of 9

I then created a tube shape and added another array with cylinders.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 4

step 5 of 9

Next I created another oil tank shape, added additional segments and made it editable. Using the ring selection tool, I selected only the inner segments, and scaled the tank to the center. I then added some extrude parts on the top and beveled the edges.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 5

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Next I added a tip, and used to bulge deformer to create the spade shape. Following that I duplicated the piece and rotated it appear knocked over.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 6

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I added a chessboard pattern to the plane.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 7

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Then i added a border shape around the plane.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 8

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Finally I added material textures to the pices and border and finished by adding a spotlight along with a couple other lights to create the proper atmosphere.

Creation of Checkmate: Step 9

Final result

Creation of Checkmate: Final Result

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Great stuff

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