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Many people like to imbibe in a libation or two, now and then (drink responsibly). Show your version of a bar. It could be an individual drink, or the entire bar "scene."

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Cigar and a Whiskey - created by lchappell

Cigar and a Whiskey
Favs: 2SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 1/6Score: 70.3% (41)44422 views

(5 years and 1303 days ago)

atomic blue lemon - created by gedup

atomic blue lemon
Favs: 2SBS: 11Hi-resRank: 2/6Score: 68% (33)40714 views

If the red drink have too much sugar for you ,drink blue one...if it burn a little your tongue... it will be alcohol or radiations.... but mushroom cloud in the left glass shall warn you.

only personal 3D work
solidworks +photoview360 (5 years and 1310 days ago)

Drink responsibly - created by dan1307

Drink responsibly
Favs: 1SBS: 13Hi-resRank: 3/6Score: 67.2% (28)40537 views

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Shot Glasses 3D - created by Ory

Shot Glasses 3D
Favs: 0SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 4/6Score: 66.6% (2)7077 views

I would have added some caustics and more AA at a higher res, if I had enough time to do another render, however deadline is in 3 hours and it would not complete. (5 years and 1299 days ago)

Pink Martini - created by Ory

Pink Martini
Favs: 0SBS: 7Hi-resRank: 5/6Score: 66.1% (2)8376 views

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