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Create a Magic Glowing and Sparkly Wood Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial

This is a tutorial which will help you to create a lovely, magic looking wood full of glowing flowers, golden insects and nice birdie covered in glossy feathers. We'll make all these creatures from a single source image- stunning picture of Gold Interior taken by Hilleke.
You can download the image [...]
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Written by: CorneliaMladenova
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Create a Colorful Woodpecker and Tree Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for everyone who is beginning at digital drawing/painting, if you like drawing and Photoshop then you are the perfect candidate to follow this tutorial.

I will show here how I have made this image from scratch, using simple techniques like clipping masks and layer blending [...]
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Create An Audrey Kawasaki Style Wood Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

One of my favorite artists is Audrey Kawasaki. Her beautiful women painted with oil on wood are both innocent and erotic, usually melancholic. I really love them so I tried to modify a picture to recreate her style.

If you're interested in her works this is her site: Audrey Kawasaki
- Some of her artworks [...]
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Create a Wood Textured Web Layout - Part 1: Header and Navigation - Photoshop Tutorial

An In Depth tutorial on creating a wood textured web layout in Photoshop. Specifically you will learn about manipulating wood texture, creating a burned letterpress effect, and making sleek 3D ribbons.

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Create Virtual Flooring - Photoshop Video Tutorial

You can use Photoshop for so many things, including envisioning the results of a home remodel or new construction. This episode teaches you how to create flooring, so you can really see what things will look like.

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Create a Wood Panel Texture - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In today’s screencast we will see a quick tip tutorial that demonstrates how to create your own wooden panel texture in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial shows how to use the liquify tool and noise filters to create a realistic texture.

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Paint with Lasers - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Yah, we said lasers! This year, at Adobe Max, Photoshop Guru Russell Brown showcased a new way to paint using Photoshop CS5, and yes, laser beams.

This technique uses lasers to engrave an image onto a canvas made of solid wood and then, using a high quality flatbed printer, print the color image onto the carved wood, leaving the creator with an eye-popping 3D version of the original image; which is frankly, amazing!

Let's have a look into it!

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Hollywood Black and White Glamour Portraits - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Get that vintage, golden age Hollywood headshot look with just a couple layers.

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