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Create a Fantastic Glowing Decorated Time Piece - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to show you all methods to create a glowing timepiece decorated with precious stones and golden insects.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS 4 and CorelDraw X3 to make the image but other versions are also applicable.
You can see the image in high resolution here.

At first sight [...]
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Written by: CorneliaMladenova
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Create a Fantastic Surreal Representation of Time - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will provide the evolution process of one of my works. In the tutorial you'll learn some manipulation methods and have a glimpse on how to create a surreal image, taking in consideration a solid theme or idea, in this case the theme is naturally about time and its (un)possibility to redeem [...]
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Written by: Akassa
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How to Make a Custom Brush - Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to make your very own custom brush in Photoshop. Custom brushes can be very useful in speeding up your workflow

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Matrix Bullet-Time and Zombie - Photoshop Video Tutorial

What would happen if you mix Matrix with Zombieland? To find out, let's use Photoshop's 3D feature and a few nifty tricks to create a bullet-time scene combined with horrific atmosphere and zombies!

submitted: 5 years and 2085 days ago

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Remove a Timestamp from a Photo! - Photoshop Video Tutorial

If you have done a lot of Photography you probably have accidentally left the timestamp feature of yours (or somebody else's!) Camera on, or maybe didn't realize it was on. Whatever the case the results are the same, that horrible, horrible timestamp that plasters itself across a corner of you image. By the end of this Tutorial you will know how to remove that using several of Photoshop's Retouching tools. Enjoy!

submitted: 5 years and 2472 days ago

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Use the New Timeline in CS6 to Create an Animated GIF from a Video - Photoshop Video Tutorial

The new timeline feature in Photoshop CS6 will allow you to open, edit, and export videos without ever having to leave the application. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use this new feature to create an animated GIF from a video; a feature that could be used for banner ads, avatars, and more.

Tutorial Details

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Completion Time: 90 Seconds

Let’s get started!

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Making a Times Square Billboard - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Be amazed by the Photoshop magic used to re-create an Energy Can Billboard like the ones in Times Square.

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Quicktime Player Icon - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In today's video tutorial we will teach you how to create a cool looking Quicktime player Icon in Photoshop.

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