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Create a Dark Fantasy Manipulation of a Broken Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial, we are going to create dark fantasy of a broken girl photo manipulation. We will learn essential techniques in manipulating images.

Here are the source image used:
1. Menhir/ grass1
2. Grass2
3. Path
4. Cloud
5. Shatter glass brush
6. Woodland
7. Model
submitted: 5 years and 1786 days ago

Written by: dekwid
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Create a Beautiful Surreal Night Photo Manipulation - Photoshop Tutorial

In this Tutorial I am going to show and guide you through all the steps meticulously to create a surreal night photo manipulation.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 to make the image but other previous versions of the
Software can also be used to achieve the desired result.

The tutorial may seem to be long [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2163 days ago

Written by: Siddhartha
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Create an Amazing Card Photo Manipulation - Photoshop Tutorial

Don't play poker with this guy! In this tutorial we're going to manipulate some cards and have the symbols blown away! This image finished second in the mixed manipulations 2 contest here on pxleyes. To see an animated progress of this tutorial, check out the SBS guide of this entry.

The card image [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2289 days ago

Written by: r1k3r
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Create a Fantastic Surreal Representation of Time - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will provide the evolution process of one of my works. In the tutorial you'll learn some manipulation methods and have a glimpse on how to create a surreal image, taking in consideration a solid theme or idea, in this case the theme is naturally about time and its (un)possibility to redeem [...]
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Written by: Akassa
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Create a Surreal Atmospheric Phone Booth Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be creating a Surreal Atmospheric Image from these 2 source images.

Simpson Desert: download here - Courtesy of tensaibuta form
Red Public Phone Boxes: download here - Courtesy of law_keven from

The Fog and Light Beam are created within Photoshop [...]
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Written by: rufkut
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Create a Surreal Turtle Image - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial shows the creation of one of my images. It shows how I adjust lighting and colours in my images to create this surrealistic turtle. Hopefully, you'll be able to transfer these methods to your own work.
The full version of the result can be viewed here: Full size surreal turtle.

I'm [...]
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Written by: ponti55
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Create a Surrealistic City Scene From Drawings And Photos - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to make a surrealistic city scene, merging different images with some drawings. We will use the following source images:

Source 1: Old paper texture - by Andreyutzu @ SCX
Source 2: Clouds - by Eserna @ SCX
Source 3: Flying books - by Danielle20 @ SCX
Source 4: The statue [...]
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Written by: mqtrf
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Other Respected Sites:

How to Paint a Surreal Scene in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create this fantastic drawing by Hatice Bayramoglu. You will learn the process she uses to create drawings in Photoshop.

submitted: 5 years and 2044 days ago

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation - Photoshop Tutorial

Create this intense photo manipulation with Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to manipulate stock photos and turn them into this dark and surreal scene. A PSD is included with this tutorial.

submitted: 5 years and 2042 days ago

Combine Images to Create a Surreal Portrait - Photoshop Tutorial

The liquify tool is great for making adjustments to photographs. In this tutorial we will use the liquify tool and several image blending techniques to create a surreal and slightly creepy photo manipulation.

Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Photoshop
* Difficulty: Intermediate
* Estimated Completion Time: 2 Hours

Let’s get started!

submitted: 5 years and 1972 days ago

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Create a Surreal Out of Bounds Photo Manipulation - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we will combine several images of water, animals, and people to create a surreal out of bounds photo manipulation in Photoshop.

Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3+
* Difficulty: Intermediate
* Estimated Completion Time: 3 Hours

Let’s get started!

submitted: 5 years and 1972 days ago

Create Epic Surreal Volcanic Wasteland Matte Painting - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can Design a Surreal Volcanic Wasteland Matte Painting in Photoshop. This is an intermediate level Photoshop tutorial so some steps can be a little tricky, but why not have a try :)

submitted: 5 years and 1966 days ago

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Surreal Portrait Photo-Manipulation - Photoshop Video Tutorial

This video tutorial by PhotoExtremist will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create a surreal portrait photo manipulation.

The final result is very cool, so hang in there, have patience and ambition!

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